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This is my personal blog. there are no themes, this is what i enjoy and want to reblog. You can expect lots of half naked men, puppies, polar bears, animals of all sorts, funny stuff, and random pictures that I enjoy.

My photography can be found by looking for spencerkoreyphoto.tumblr.com. Thats more focused on something PG. Or at least "Art" .

Last fucking straw

I just sat down at noodles and company from getting my regular while I’m at lunch from work, and low and behold my favorite fucking pants fucking ripped at the fucking thigh because they THUNDERED TO FUCK ING much. I’m sick of it. I can’t do this aanymore. If I’m gonna rip another pair of mother fucking pants because of thunder thighs again it better be because my legs are so incredibly swole that can’t contain my glorious muscular legs. Stairmaster…here I come.

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